Holidays 2015: Protect Your Pearly Whites

The holidays are an exciting time to spend with friends and family. However, they can also prove to be full of hazards around nearly every corner when it comes to maintaining a dazzling, healthy smile. Never fear: We are prepared to provide you with a variety of easy-to-follow preventive care tips that will keep your smile in excellent shape over the winter months. Even better news? You can still have a wonderful holiday season – you won’t have to spend any of it worrying about your teeth.

Leave The Nut Cracking To The Nutcrackers

Are you a huge fan of the good-for-you nut snacks that show up around holiday time? While nuts are often a healthy treat for teeth, they can also present quite a hazard. Nothing to worry about here, fortunately, as long as you rely on a nutcracker to crack those nuts instead of your teeth. Attempting to bite down on anything that does not offer immediate give can result in a cracked tooth, which will then require serious restorative care. Take the preventive care route to avoid damage.

Beware The Stain Factor

Everyone knows that holiday time is all about deep, rich colors that add warmth to an otherwise chilly time. You’ll see it in the décor trimming buildings and living rooms to the foods we gravitate toward during parties. For instance, berries, red wine, yummy coffee drinks, and even chocolate are all extremely pigmented (and taste very good). The bad news is that they are known for their staining power. To keep your smile bright, attempt one of the following preventive care tips: Avoid a high intake of these foods, sip water after you indulge, or rinse your smile with water and then brush after 30 minutes passes.