Holiday Time: 3 Ways To Protect Restorations

Do you worry about what will happen this holiday season when it comes to your smile? Perhaps you are worrying that when presented with the exceptional medley of food options, you might make a choice that’s bad for your smile – but that puts a smile on your face. Maybe you are concerned about other potential issues that may arise, quickly sending you to our office. When it comes to keeping your dental restorations in good shape, this is no tall order. You just need some recommendations that will keep you on the right path.

Schedule A Visit

We understand, one of the last things you think about when it comes to making your holiday time bright and festive is a trip to the dentist. Fortunately, however, seeing us to make sure your dental restorations are in good shape will promote a holiday season free of smile-related frustration. Whether your denture is slipping, your crown feels strange, or you think you may have dislodged a filling, schedule an appointment right away.

If It Looks Dangerous, Head The Other Way

There are always those unexpected moments when a seemingly innocuous decision leaves you with a broken bridge or a damaged crown. However, in most cases, trusting your gut can offer your dental restorations the protection they need. For instance, if your aunt burned the cookies again this year and they’re hard as a rock, reach for a softer dessert. If your cousin brought taffy to the holiday party but you lost a filling one time by indulging – head the other way. And, of course, if a problem arises, contact us right away for the care you need.