Dentures: Which Type Of Support Is For You?

Are you interested in completing your smile with dentures but you didn’t expect to have so many options? Are you somewhat confused by the need to choose between traditional and implant dentures? Don’t worry – once you receive some simple explanations, you will discover that making heads or tails of these devices is quite straightforward. We will, of course, also assist you in ensuring you choose a tooth replacement solution that fits your needs, personal preferences, and complete smile goals.

Traditional Support

If you choose dentures, you may choose either traditional dentures or implant dentures. Those who choose traditional support will not receive dental implant posts. Receiving full dentures will remain completely noninvasive because you will wear the denture over your natural tissue without any attachments. The stability of the device will come from suction-based support in your mouth.

Implant Support

If you choose implant dentures, you will not rely solely on natural suction. Instead, you will undergo oral surgery to begin – during this process, we will surgically implant posts composed of titanium into your jawbone in carefully selected locations. Once you recover, we will secure the denture over the implants for exceptional stability.

Making Your Decision

Do you feel much better now that you understand the difference between traditional and implant dentures but you are still not quite sure which type of denture is best for you? Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with us, so we can discuss the benefits of each, while guiding you toward a final decision.