Children’s 2015 Checklist

How is your little one’s smile doing this year? As 2016 approaches, we like to review the previous year to help you assess your dental health routine for yourself – and also for your children! When it comes to children’s dentistry, we often find that parents become a bit overwhelmed as they try to check off all the boxes and protect those precious smiles. Allow us to provide you with a quick oral health rundown to assist you in identifying anything to tweak for healthy smiles in the New Year.

How’s The Daily Dental Hygiene?

Maintaining consistent dental hygiene can feel somewhat frustrating with very young children and – fortunately – becomes easier as your child develops good habits and becomes more independent. As long as you are keeping up with the necessities, you can rest easy that your son or daughter’s oral health is in good condition. Simply make sure your child brushes twice daily (with a soft-bristle toothbrush for two-minute sessions) and that your child flosses once daily.

Are You Up-To-Date With Preventive Visits?

Have you brought your child to see us twice within the past year? We suggest that you schedule a preventive care visit once every six months, so we can guide your child toward optimal oral health. Because it’s impossible even for adults to remove all of the traces of plaque from their smiles with home hygiene, regular trips to see us are essential.

Is Your Child’s Smile Comfortable?

Has your child been complaining about a sore tooth? Have you noticed that his or her gums look redder than usual? If anything out of the ordinary has cropped up, give us a call, so we can schedule a visit. The sooner we diagnose and treat an issue, the easier it is to protect your little one’s oral health.