3 Ways To Protect Your Implants

Are you thinking about moving forward with dental implants as a way to achieve a complete smile? Fortunately, addressing tooth loss brings with it a myriad of benefits, from feeling better about your appearance to enjoying a greatly improved quality of life. What you may feel hesitant about, however, is how implants may affect your daily dental hygiene routine. The good news is that this decision won’t change your habits much – allow us to share some suggestions for how you can easily protect your implants.

#1: Don’t Stop Scheduling Visits

It’s very important that you do not stop scheduling your preventive care visits with us. It is true that your dental implants will not experience tooth decay. However, the tissues in which your implants rest require daily and professional care (so do your remaining natural teeth and supportive structures). As a result, you should keep up with your preventive visits every six months for success with your implants.

#2: Don’t Assume Brushing Isn’t Necessary

Again, your daily dental hygiene routine remains just as important as it was before your implant placement. Fortunately, keeping your dental implants clean does not require any new or unusual cleansing methods. You will need to keep brushing every single day, two times (for two minutes each cleaning), with the use of gentle pressure and a soft-bristle toothbrush.

#3: Make Flossing A Daily Experience

Keep up your daily flossing! This is very important – food particles and plaque can build up around natural teeth and dental implants alike. Accumulating plaque and debris promote problems like inflamed gums, which can severely affect your oral health and the success of your implants.