Month: December 2015

Dentures: Which Type Of Support Is For You?

Are you interested in completing your smile with dentures but you didn’t expect to have so many options? Are you somewhat confused by the need to choose between traditional and implant dentures? Don’t worry – once you receive some simple explanations, you will discover that making heads or tails of these devices is quite straightforward…. Read more »

3 Ways To Protect Your Implants

Are you thinking about moving forward with dental implants as a way to achieve a complete smile? Fortunately, addressing tooth loss brings with it a myriad of benefits, from feeling better about your appearance to enjoying a greatly improved quality of life. What you may feel hesitant about, however, is how implants may affect your… Read more »

Resolve To Replace Teeth In 2016

A wonderful resolution to make for the New Year follows: Resolve to replace missing teeth with a dental bridges or another dental prosthetic. While you may not recognize how important it is to repair your smile after tooth loss, the decision is actually quite significant. Allow us to provide you with an explanation regarding what… Read more »

Simple Apple Crumb Pie

Have you been frantically looking for a delicious, gooey, crumbly apple pie recipe? Is this dessert the very foundation of a happy holiday party? If so, don’t let your energy go to waste – we would like to offer a recipe from Real Simple that is sure to please. By combining simple prep with a… Read more »

Noon Year’s Eve

Do your children love the idea of celebrating the New Year but they tend to conk out year after year long before the ball drops? Perhaps you simply don’t like keeping your little ones up that late! Whatever the case, your children can enjoy ringing in 2016 with a festive celebration at this upcoming event…. Read more »

3 Benefits Of Crowns

When you think about the benefits of dental crowns, do you immediately begin thinking about the ways a crown may repair your tooth, the reasons you might receive one, or otherwise? If so, we invite you to think of crowns in a new light by considering some addition advantages. For instance, are you unsure about… Read more »

Surprising Ways To Avoid Fillings

Have you been wondering if there’s something more you can be doing to avoid tooth decay? Even more important – is your goal in 2016 to avoid the need for dental fillings? If so, you are in luck. In addition to the usual tips, which include dedicated dental hygiene at home every day and scheduling… Read more »

Holiday Time: 3 Ways To Protect Restorations

Do you worry about what will happen this holiday season when it comes to your smile? Perhaps you are worrying that when presented with the exceptional medley of food options, you might make a choice that’s bad for your smile – but that puts a smile on your face. Maybe you are concerned about other… Read more »

Carriage Rides In The Square

Is there something about holiday time that instantly causes you to conjure up romantic visions of caroling and carriage rides? If so, take a nostalgic step back in time by entering the Town Square – you will quickly find that this ongoing holiday event is just what you have been hoping to experience. What Is This?… Read more »

Children’s 2015 Checklist

How is your little one’s smile doing this year? As 2016 approaches, we like to review the previous year to help you assess your dental health routine for yourself – and also for your children! When it comes to children’s dentistry, we often find that parents become a bit overwhelmed as they try to check… Read more »