Smile Makeover: What You May Achieve

Do you love thinking about what your smile will look like after a smile makeover? Certainly you can visualize the stunning grin that you will be happy to put on display just about every second of every day. What you may not be quite so familiar with, however, is just what you can achieve with this comprehensive cosmetic solution. You know that you will be making over your smile, but what exactly does this entail? Allow us to provide you with some particulars, so you can gain a fuller appreciation of this method for transforming your grin.

A Whiter Smile

When speaking with patients about a smile makeover, the first topic that usually comes up is achieving a whiter smile. This is an issue we will tackle during your makeover, whether with the use of teeth whitening, bonding, or porcelain veneers.

Improved Alignment

To ensure you feel exceptional about your smile’s appearance, you may want to address the uniformity of your smile’s alignment. Fortunately, we are prepared to make cosmetic adjustments with Realine aligner trays or veneers.

Coverage Of Problems

Do you have little problems that add up, such as chips or cracks? We can cover up a variety of issues as part of your smile makeover, whether we rely on bonding or porcelain veneers for a seemingly brand new grin.

Reshaped Smile

Allow us to improve the shape of your teeth, so your smile harmonizes with your face. We will rely on contouring to smooth rough edges or may incorporate veneers to completely alter the size, shape, and texture of your teeth and smile.

A Smile That Complements Your Features

Do you feel like you have a gummy grin? No problem, we offer gum contouring to lengthen the appearance of your teeth for a more beautiful smile.