Make Use Of Remaining Benefits

Have you been so busy and excited about party decorations, the promise of delicious holiday meals, gifts, chilly weather, and more that you haven’t spent time checking in with your oral health lately? Don’t worry – it happens to just about everyone this time of year. While we hope you are still taking excellent care of your smile at home, we would like to provide you with a quick refresher regarding your professional care. As 2015 is on its way out the door, keep in mind that your annual dental insurance benefits will go right along with it, so you can plan accordingly.

Do You Have Dental Insurance?

Have you been using dental insurance for your visits to see us? If so, you know that we are always glad to assist you and file on your behalf. We also like to send out helpful alerts as the year draws to an end. Why? If you take a close look at your insurance policy you will find that your benefits are only good through the close of the year. This means that if you want to use remaining benefits, the clock is ticking!

What You Should Do

We have a couple strong suggestions for approaching the end of 2015. Consider the following as you prepare for 2016 when it comes to caring for your smile:

  • Don’t make any guesses about your dental insurance. Instead, give the company who provides your insurance a call to clear up any confusion about your available benefits.
  • Call us before it is too late. Think back over the year and take stock of the visits you have planned with us. If you are still in need of your second routine exam and cleaning, now is a good time to schedule time to see us before the New Year arrives. In fact, now is the best time to schedule anything you need that is covered by this year’s benefits.