Cosmetic Dentistry: Your Questions

Are you feeling extremely motivated to visit us for cosmetic dentistry? If so, there are aspects of your smile with which you feel dissatisfied. Fortunately, we can assist you with just about anything you dislike, transforming your smile into a feature you love to look at (rather than one that causes you embarrassment). Not sure you have a solid handle on the details of cosmetic care? Make things easier on yourself by considering some common questions and answers – then, contact us to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Questions and Answers: Cosmetic Dentistry

Question: How do I know if I qualify for cosmetic dentistry? Can anyone visit you to attain a more beautiful grin?

Answer: For the most part, all patients (except for those who are quite young and their teeth are still growing) qualify for cosmetic treatment. We may only postpone potential improvement to the beauty of your smile if you first require restorative dentistry to address problems with the overall health of your smile.

Question: I’m not really sure which cosmetic dentistry treatment I need but I am certain that I want my smile to look better. How should I proceed?

Answer: We invite you to schedule a cosmetic consultation with us, so we may take a closer look at your smile. Once we examine your teeth and gums, we will discuss your feelings and goals regarding your smile. We may then present you with treatment options, while explaining the results.

Question: Which treatments do you offer? Can you help me with more than teeth whitening?

Answer: While we can certainly address discoloration with teeth whitening, we also offer gum contouring, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and even smile makeovers – we will provide you with a customized care plan tailored to your unique smile goals.