Clearing Up Sedation Misconceptions

Did you initially feel very excited at the prospect of receiving sedation dentistry during your dental visit? Did this excitement quickly turn to disappointment when you immediately convinced yourself you could not possibly qualify for something so wonderful? If so, you are in for a surprise. Sedation is appropriate for most causes, most treatments, and most patients. Rather than dismiss this opportunity, we encourage you to embrace it by allowing us to clear up some common misconceptions.

Sedation Dentistry: Misconceptions and Facts

Misconception: We only offer sedation dentistry for patients struggling with severe dental anxiety that makes it too difficult to even schedule an appointment.

Fact: We offer sedation for patients for an extraordinarily broad spectrum of reasons. You may feel a bit nervous about certain treatments, you might feel antsy while you’re in the dental chair, or you may simply detest the sounds associated with the dental practices – as long as sedation helps you feel relaxed, your reason is sufficient.

Misconception: Choosing sedation dentistry, so you can enjoy a relaxing experience will completely ruin your plans for the rest of your day.

Fact: Actually, we offer nitrous oxide as our sedation of choice. This type of sedation will allow you to enjoy a calm visit. However, it wears off very quickly after your visit is complete, so you can return to your plans as usual.

Misconception: Sedation is appropriate for adults but it is simply not something we can provide to our younger patients.

Fact: Again, we choose to offer nitrous oxide for our sedation dentistry solution because it is safe for nearly every patient, including elderly patients as well as children.