Addressing Bonding Questions

Have you been learning about dental bonding only to discover that for every new fact you learn, another question arises? No problem! We are always very happy to provide our patients with answers. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us, so we can provide you with information that is tailored to your particular needs. In the meantime, you may extract details you’ve been seeking with answers to some frequently mentioned questions.

Question #1: Is The Bonding Pre-Fabricated?

No. We are not placing a pre-formed piece onto your tooth. Instead, we are using a custom shade of composite, which we will apply to your tooth in the appropriate location. Then, we will sculpt the material with an artistic approach, creating the correct shape required to fix your tooth’s appearance. Then, we will set the material.

Question #2: How Do You Harden The Composite?

Once we have completed shaping the composite, we smooth the bonded area for a natural, lustrous finish. We then harden and set the material with the use of an ultraviolet light. As a result, you can expect long-term wear that looks lifelike.

Question #3: Can You Fix My Child’s Chipped Tooth?

Of course. Dental bonding is a wonderful solution for patients of almost any age. Fortunately, this means that playground mishaps that lead to small chips in your child’s teeth will not leave permanent reminders.

Question #4: Can You Fix Almost Any Esthetic Problem?

Dental bonding works for just about anything that requires more tissue. If you want tissue removed, you will need contouring. With bonding, we can fill problems with texture (like deep grooves), lengthen a tooth, cover up blemishes, improve a tooth shape, fill spaces between teeth, and more.