Month: November 2015

The Usefulness of Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

When you have a tooth that doesn’t match the rest of your smile because of a minor cosmetic blemish, you probably don’t need a complete smile makeover to correct it. Instead, tooth bonding is designed to significantly revamp your smile’s appearance through small, strategically planned improvements. The procedure involves attaching, or “bonding,” tooth-colored composite resin… Read more »

Forget You Had a Cavity with Tooth-Colored Fillings

The memory of a cavity can serve as a valuable reminder to practice good hygiene, especially if the cavity caused you significant discomfort. If you treated your cavity with a silver filling, however, you could probably do without the metallic reminder every time you open your mouth to speak and smile. Fortunately, your dentist can… Read more »

How Teeth Protect Themselves

Today’s dentistry offers a wealth of knowledge and services to treat virtually any issue that can threaten your oral health. Maladies that our ancestors once created myths to explain (such as the tooth worm that the ancients believed was responsible for toothaches) can now be treated or reversed in as little time as a single… Read more »

Seek Bruxism Treatment With Urgency

Have you been told that you are suffering from the grinding and clenching of your teeth that we refer to as bruxism? If so, you have some idea that this dental disorder may result in significant daily discomfort as well as long-term damage. However, if you have not yet become familiar with the details, you… Read more »

Holiday Time Family Dental Care

Do you look at the lovely smiles of your significant other and your children with love in your heart? Does that love begin to include a bit of horror as you imagine the onslaught of sugar that is headed toward those beautiful teeth over the holiday season? If so, we understand. As much fun as… Read more »

Make Use Of Remaining Benefits

Have you been so busy and excited about party decorations, the promise of delicious holiday meals, gifts, chilly weather, and more that you haven’t spent time checking in with your oral health lately? Don’t worry – it happens to just about everyone this time of year. While we hope you are still taking excellent care… Read more »

Camp Mania For Children

Do you feel like you spend a good portion of the days leading up to Thanksgiving responding to kids who claim to be bored – or worrying about dropping something hot on a youngster underfoot? Do everyone a huge favor and let your kids have a wonderful fun time away from Turkey Day prep, while… Read more »

Gum Contouring 101

Have you begun to learn more about gum contouring? If so, there are a variety of reasons that may have led you toward this cosmetic treatment. In any case, you are unhappy with the way your gum tissue is affecting the appearance of your smile. This may be the result of excess tissue, gum tissue… Read more »

Q&A: Realine Treatment

Have you been dealing with minor smile alignment issues? Were you initially overjoyed to learn about Realine treatment because you finally found a way to avoid metal braces, while achieving the straighter smile you’ve been dreaming about? What is causing you to hesitate when it comes to seeking treatment? We usually find that patients put… Read more »

Smile Makeover: What You May Achieve

Do you love thinking about what your smile will look like after a smile makeover? Certainly you can visualize the stunning grin that you will be happy to put on display just about every second of every day. What you may not be quite so familiar with, however, is just what you can achieve with… Read more »