Why You Need A Dental Crown

Do you know why we have suggested a dental crown for you? First, it’s important to recognize that crowns offer a variety of benefits, while addressing a surprisingly diverse array of issues. Though a hollow-body, artificial tooth may not at first seem like what you need, you may discover that it is, in fact, exactly what you need. Rather than making assumptions or feeling concerned, we encourage you to learn more about why you may need a crown. Of course, we will also be happy to offer additional details during your next visit.

Your Tooth Decay Is Severe

You may need a dental crown if your tooth decay is severe. When your cavity has become quite large, you may not have enough tooth tissue left for us to salvage with a dental filling. Instead, we will remove the decayed tissue and then offer comprehensive coverage with a crown.

You Broke Your Tooth

For a tooth that is severely broken or that is quite weak, we suggest a dental crown because it offers full coverage and support. You can continue using the tooth without needing an extraction.

Your Root Canal Treatment Is Complete

At the end of your root canal treatment, we will usually cover the remaining tissue with a crown for a fully restorative treatment.

You Are Receiving A Bridge

Crowns act as the supportive end-caps to your bridge. The crown attached to either end will be permanently placed over your two “abutment teeth.” One of each rests on either side of the open space in your smile.