Q&A: Your Smile Makeover Concerns

Do you suddenly feel unsure about improving your grin with a smile makeover? This can be quite a surprising moment. What on earth could make you hesitate or run from a cosmetic treatment that can address the multitude of problems you see with your teeth – and maybe even your gums – when you look in the mirror? In many instances, we find that patients like the idea of the final outcome but they simply become worried about the unknown. Allow us to fill you in and alleviate your concerns with a few answers to frequently asked questions.

Questions and Answers: Smile Makeovers

Question: Is a smile makeover mostly to improve the whiteness of my smile? Or do you address other concerns?

Answer: A smile makeover is a way to dramatically improve your smile, which means we address all esthetic concerns. They may include an uneven gumline, asymmetrical smile, uneven smile line, spaces between teeth, poorly textured teeth, pointed teeth, yellow or dim teeth, and poor tooth shape.

Question: Making over a variety of esthetic issues sounds like it will take several appointments. How many visits does a makeover usually require?

Answer: We understand that the process sounds daunting to you but we can actually make it quite efficient. In most cases, we can provide a smile makeover within only one or two visits.

Question: Are you just going to make decisions on my behalf or will I get to have a say in the changes made to my smile?

Answer: You will be working on every step of your smile makeover with your AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) Accredited Fellow dentist (the only one in Tarrant County and one of only 10 in Texas). Together, we will achieve exceptional smile results.