Q&A: Why Remain Dedicated To Dental Cleanings?

Patients’ relationships with dental care vary from individual to individual. Some remain dedicated to dental cleanings for a lifetime without ever questioning the need for consistent care. Others will become committed to preventive care for a while before falling back into lax routines. We understand that when you do not fully comprehend the necessity behind showing up for six-month cleanings, you may find it difficult to feel compelled to maintain a consistent schedule. Learn a bit more with questions (and answers) that patients just like you commonly voice at our practice.

Questions and Answers: Dental Cleanings

Question: How does a dental cleaning protect my teeth? I know this preventive treatment is important, I’m just not sure why.

Answer: The main goal of teeth protection includes keeping plaque off of them. You see, plaque is full of bacteria that release acids, which can erode tooth tissue and lead to tooth decay. Unfortunately, plaque sticks to your teeth 24/7. Brushing helps but is not 100 percent effective. During a cleaning, we clean away the plaque you miss at home.

Question: How about my gums? Does a dental cleaning protect my entire smile or just my teeth?

Answer: Similar to the way plaque can result in weakened tooth tissue, it may also irritate gum tissue. Particularly once plaque makes its way beneath your gumline – and begins to build up – it will lead to inflammation that then causes an infection. Allow us to clean away plaque, so you can avoid periodontal disease.

Question: What should I do if I haven’t had a dental cleaning in a long time? Is it too late to begin practicing preventive dentistry?

Answer: It’s never too late. We suggest you schedule an appointment with us immediately. We will be able to re-establish your preventive care, while offering any necessary restorative treatments to restore your oral health.