Have Questions About Dental Bridges?

Are you a patient who has recently been thinking about choosing a dental bridge to address tooth loss? If so, you are probably already familiar with the essential details, such as the fact that a bridge replaces one tooth or up to three teeth side-by-side – and that it is a fixed prosthetic. However, while you may feel solid about your candidacy, you may have some additional concerns. Allow us to enlighten you with some answers to frequently mentioned inquiries, so you can feel more confident about your decision.

Your Questions (And Our Answers): About Dental Bridges

Question: Will dental bridges last very long? Is there anything I can do to extend the life of my bridge?

Answer: Yes, your bridge will last up to 15 years (if not more). We suggest protecting your bridge by avoiding extra pressure, which may occur from bruxism, nail biting, chewing on ice, biting on a pen tip, or any similar habit.

Question: How do I care for a dental bridge? Is it very complicated?

Answer: Caring for your bridge is simple. You will continue to brush twice a day like you normally do. You will also floss – we will show you how to use special floss threaders to ensure you can thoroughly clean above your pontics (the artificial teeth that rest against your gumline, filling your open space).

Question: Will my dental bridge blend with my smile? Or will there be obvious parts that let people know I’m wearing a prosthetic?

Answer: Your bridge will look beautiful and undetectable. We will use E Max porcelain or zirconia crowns to craft the artificial teeth, both of which offer a lifelike, color-matched finish. The support crowns fully encase your anchor teeth, so your smile simply looks complete.