Extractions: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Are you worried about your dental extraction? If so, we have two responses. First, you are not the only person who has ever required an extraction or who has felt a bit anxious about it. Second, there is absolutely nothing to feel worried about. We understand that feeling unsure about what to expect can cause you to become somewhat uneasy, which is why we would like to fill your mind with details that provide all the reassurance you need for an enjoyable visit.

The Experience Is Comfortable

Your dental extraction will be comfortable. First, we will numb your oral tissues (the tooth and surrounding area) with local anesthetic. If you are concerned you will feel too nervous during the procedure, we will offer nitrous oxide, so you may also feel completely relaxed.

We Can Replace Your Tooth

Concerned about living with an open space in your smile? You don’t have to be. After you recover fully from your dental extraction, you can achieve a complete smile by selecting a tooth replacement treatment, such as a dental implant.

We Will Prepare You For Recovery

Patients are often more worried about what to expect after a treatment than about the procedure itself. While dealing with a dental extraction might sound complex, it’s actually not a big undertaking. You will leave our practice with a packed tooth area, which will help you begin healing immediately. In addition, we will provide you with specific instructions about eating and caring for the extraction site – we will also prescribe pain relievers upon request to ensure recovery is comfortable.