Contouring Questions And Concerns

Have you ever wished you had some kind of magical touch-up tool you could use to smooth out problem areas of your smile? Perhaps a couple of your teeth are longer than others and a gentle reduction in length would fix everything. Maybe a rough or pointed tooth is distracting from an otherwise beautiful grin. Whatever the case, dental contouring can re-sculpt your smile, so you can easily achieve those minor esthetic improvements you need. Satisfied with the general idea of contouring but you would like a few more facts to feel confident about your decision? No problem.

Questions and Concerns: Dental Contouring

Question: If I choose dental contouring to improve my smile, what do I do about areas that need additional tissue? Can I combine this treatment with bonding?

Answer: Yes, contouring and cosmetic bonding work wonderfully together if you require both treatments. They are both simple to complete, budget-friendly, and can offer comprehensive improvements to your smile.

Question: I’m worried that you will remove too much of my tooth tissue, leaving me with extremely sensitive teeth.

Answer: Our first priority is always to protect your oral health and comfort, so keep two things in mind regarding dental contouring. First, we will inspect the thickness of your enamel (the outermost tissue layer that we will sculpt) to find out how much tissue we can safely remove. This may include the use of digital X-rays. Second, remember that we are going to remove an extraordinarily minuscule amount of tissue from your teeth.

Question: I am wondering if the treatment will be comfortable and efficient or if it will take several visits and require sedation.

Answer: Dental contouring generally requires a single, sedation-free visit. The treatment is just as efficient as it is gentle for a quick, comfortable experience.