Common Questions About Implants

When it comes to choosing dental implants to complete your smile after suffering from tooth loss, we always suggest you schedule a consultation with us. Whether you’re certain that this is the tooth replacement treatment for you – or you’re quite uncertain – we can help offer the information you have been seeking. In the meantime, we encourage you to think about the answers to questions that we often receive on this topic. The more you learn, the easier it will be to feel confident about your tooth replacement decision.

Dental Implants: Q&A

Question: I know that unlike other prosthetic restorations, dental implants require oral surgery. Does this mean it will take a lot longer than other solutions until my tooth replacement is complete?

Answer: Yes, it will require a more extensive treatment time because you will need to recover. As your gum tissue heals, the implant post will bond with your jaw tissue over the course of several months.

Question: What will happen once I have fully recovered? Is there another step or will you then place a visible tooth replacement on top of my implant?

Answer: Once your dental implant post has fused with your jawbone, we will place a permanent abutment – or a connector – on top of your implant so it sticks out just above your gumline. We will “restore” your abutment, another way to say “top” it, with a dental crown that has been customized to your smile’s dimensions and appearance.

Question: This is quite a lengthy process – will my dental implants last long enough for me to feel the experience was worthwhile?

Answer: Yes. Especially when taken care of according to our suggestions (which typically mimic those required for a natural smile), implants can last a lifetime.