Your Comfort In Mind

You are probably accustomed to the idea that we have your comfort in mind when you visit us. Our team is compassionate and always happy to accommodate your needs, so you feel at ease. In addition, we offer particular services like sedation dentistry to ensure you truly feel tranquil during visits, which is helpful for patients who shy away from specific treatments or who struggle with dental anxiety. We are also dedicated to ensuring you can always see us when a need arises, so you can feel secure that any dental discomfort you experience need not last long. Learn more to gain a clearer perspective regarding how we keep your smile healthy and comfortable.

For More Comfortable Visits

First and foremost, we want you to feel confident and relaxed about your dental care. Whether you’re visiting us for your twice-annual preventive visits for a cleaning and checkup or if you need a particular treatment like a filling or root canal, we strive to ensure you feel at ease and relaxed. How exactly do we go about promoting your comfort? For restorative treatments, we rely on local anesthetic, so the tissues in question remain numb throughout your procedure. As for your ability to feel calm during any service, we offer sedation dentistry, so you can sink into our chair and say goodbye to your nerves.

Addressing Sudden Discomfort

Sometimes discomfort occurs suddenly and without warning. While sedation dentistry helps when you have a pre-scheduled visit, you need a different type of support for surprises. For instance, perhaps you bite down on something hard and break a tooth. Maybe you’re playing contact sports and end up with a dislodged tooth. Or, maybe a tooth infection causes you to deal with swelling and a serious toothache. Whatever the problem, we want to restore your oral health and return you to comfort immediately, which we accomplish by offering emergency dentistry. Call us right away when an accident happens, so we can help.