Quiz: Tooth Infections

While every achy tooth is not necessarily dealing with infection, it always safer to visit us for a checkup when something doesn’t feel quite right to avoid potentially serious side effects and complications. You see, a severe toothache – among other symptoms – is often a sign of an infection. The bad new is that infections can become quite dangerous and result in serious damage. The wonderful news is that we address tooth infections with root canal treatment. How much do you know about infections and rescuing your teeth when necessary? Find out how far your knowledge extends with a brief quiz.

Tooth Infections Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: In some cases, if you rest and take better care of yourself, your tooth infection will clear and you will not need a root canal treatment.
  2. True or False: Common signs of an infected tooth that may require root canal treatment include a tooth that hurts, a throbbing tooth, increased sensitivity, and pain while chewing.
  3. True or False: During root canal treatment, we fix your tooth by filling your tooth with antibiotics and then sealing it back up.

Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. A tooth infection will not heal – without a root canal, the infection will become worse and may result in an abscess, nearby infected tissue, and even the need for tooth removal.
  2. True. If your tooth is uncomfortable in any way and the discomfort is either severe or lasts longer than a day, we suggest you contact us right away for a visit, so we can assist you in achieving relief.
  3. False. We address your tooth infection and save the tooth by removing the dental pulp and other tissue from within. We then re-seal your roots and tooth and typically offer long-term protection by placing a dental crown.