Q&A: Wisdom Tooth Extractions

You have probably heard people mention wisdom teeth your entire life. However, that does not mean you know whether you need wisdom tooth extractions or even what a wisdom tooth is. Fortunately, if you require an extraction for your tooth, also commonly referred as a third molar, you can expect a tranquil, comfortable experience. Simply learn more about this type of dental concern (and the associated treatment) to find out whether the removal of these final teeth may be something you need to start thinking about for your own smile.

Questions and Answers About Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Question: What are wisdom teeth?

Answer: If you thought you were done developing teeth in your earlier teen years, think again. Your wisdom teeth make their appearance during your late teens or your early twenties. They are your final set of molars that develop in the very back of your upper and lower arch (two on each arch).

Question: Why might I need wisdom tooth extractions?

Answer: Sometimes, wisdom teeth become problematic for a variety of reasons and threaten surrounding teeth. To protect your smile and oral health, we may suggest a wisdom tooth extraction. Common reasons include impacted wisdom teeth that do not erupt or teeth that develop on an angle threatening your alignment.

Question: Are there some people who do not need wisdom tooth extractions?

Answer: Some people simply never develop wisdom teeth, which means they will not require an extraction. Still, others develop wisdom teeth without any problems – as long as they can effectively care for these teeth, extractions do not become necessary.