Q&A: Attaining A Straighter Smile

Have you been thinking about what to do regarding your current smile alignment? Even if you’re suffering from mild misalignment concerns, the idea of seeking orthodontic treatment can feel somewhat overwhelming. The good news is that we offer Realine treatment to shift your smile into the beautiful, uniform grin you want. Of course, this treatment is quite different from metal braces and is not necessarily well suited to everyone. To have your inquiries answered and to learn more about your candidacy, allow us to provide you with responses to some frequently asked questions.

Questions And Answers: Straightening Your Smile

Question: Do I have any options for straightening my smile other than traditional metal braces? I want to improve my bite but I don’t want to walk around with a smile full of metal.

Answer: Yes, we offer Realine treatment. With the use of clear plastic aligner trays, we can gently shift your teeth back into alignment. You will wear five sets of trays throughout the course of treatment.

Question: Will Realine work for any type of misalignment? I like the idea of wearing clear aligners but I’m worried it won’t work for me.

Answer: We will need to examine your smile to determine the type of misalignment you are suffering from and whether Realine treatment will help. In most cases, this option will improve minor spacing, overcrowding, or slightly rotated teeth.

Question: What if I’ve already worn braces but my teeth aren’t as straight as they were when I completed treatment? I stopped wearing my retainers and now they don’t even fit.

Answer: Realine treatment is well suited to this concern, which we often refer to as orthodontic relapse. You can expect to regain the beautiful alignment you initially achieved with orthodontic treatment.