Dental Crowns: FAQs

Have you been spending time lately learning everything you can about crowns? Did we recently recommend a dental crown to improve your oral health and protect your smile but you still have some questions about them? The good news is that crowns often provide a last resort solution to a tooth that has become too damaged for other options, so you can breathe a sigh relief that you do not need tooth removal. However, we fully recognize that you may require just a bit more information about this restoration to feel completely confident. We ask that you consider answers to questions frequently asked of us by our patients to begin clarifying your concerns.

Frequently Asked Question: Crowns

Question: Are you sure I need a crown? Isn’t there another treatment that will work for me?

Answer: We always make conservative suggestions when it comes to offering restorative treatments. We will thoroughly examine your tooth with a visual inspection and the use of digital X-rays to determine the best course of action. If we suggest a crown it is because other treatments like fillings will leave your tooth vulnerable to additional problems.

Question: Do I have options for the dental crown material? I want my smile to continue looking natural, so nobody knows I’ve had dental work done.

Answer: Yes, for the most part, we place E. Max porcelain crowns or zirconia. These are lifelike materials that we will match to the shade of your surrounding teeth, so you can maintain a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Question: How will you make sure the crown fits correctly in my mouth? Who will make my crown – and will it interfere with my ability to chew?

Answer: We will take impressions of your smile, which we will send to a dental lab we collaborate with. A skilled technician will create your dental crown.