Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Have you recently discovered that you have a cavity and must schedule an appointment for a dental filling? Are you starting to wonder what’s so exciting about the tooth-colored filling that you will receive in the near future? For starters, let’s go over a quick refresher: Also called “white” or “composite” fillings, this type of restorative treatment is composed of composite, a synthetic acrylic resin material. We offer composite in place of amalgam (the material used in metal fillings) because we consider them greatly beneficial to our patients. Ready to learn more? Become familiar with some stellar advantages and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Benefit #1: A Beautifully Restored Tooth

No matter the type of dental filling you choose, the treatment will restore the structure and health of your tooth. The good news? Choosing a tooth-colored filling means that the beauty of your tooth will be restored, too. We will match the color of the composite to the tooth itself, so the finished result is not darkened or gray – it will simply look like a healthy, beautiful tooth.

Benefit #2: They’re Extremely Safe

Amalgam fillings are made of mixed metals, which include traces of mercury. Individuals allergic to metal cannot receive metal fillings – and individuals like pregnant women and young children cannot be exposed to mercury. Since composite is free of both metal and mercury, it is safe for nearly all of our patients.

Benefit #3: They’re More Comfortable Than Metal

A tooth-colored filling is made of composite, a substance that does not react strongly to its surrounding temperature. This is not true of metal – as you know, metal may become quite cold or hot depending on the foods and beverages you consume. What’s this boil down to? Unlike metal fillings, white filling do not result in temperature-based sensitivity.


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