Teeth Whitening: You Have Options

Are you curious about your options for attaining a whiter smile? Have you felt concerned about attempting to balance your daily schedule or upcoming events with the ability to achieve a brighter smile with teeth whitening? Fortunately, we are many steps ahead of you. Just like no two smiles are alike, no two lives are alike either. As a result, we offer a selection of whitening treatments, so our diverse array of patients can receive the sparkling grins they desire through exceptional convenience and comfort.

Choose At-Home Whitening

For patients who prefer to perform their treatment at home, we provide take-home teeth whitening. We will take molds of your smile, which will allow us to provide you with customized whitening trays that fit your teeth beautifully for effective whitening. You will also take maximum strength bleaching gel home with you. You will simply place the gel into the trays every day during your course of treatment – don’t worry, we will demonstrate how to do this. By performing the whitening once daily for approximately 7 to 14 days, you will see a dramatically whiter smile.

Choose In-Office Accelerated Whitening

Are you looking for a way to quickly whiten your teeth? Whether you have an upcoming event like a wedding that requires an instantly brighter smile or if you simply prefer in-office teeth whitening treatments, we offer Zoom! Whitening. You can sit back and relax, while we apply bleaching gel to your teeth. Within approximately one hour, your teeth will appear several shades whiter for an exceptionally brighter smile.