Sleep Apnea: It Harms More Than Just You

If you are a patient recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, then you are fully aware of the long list of frustrating symptoms accompanying this sleep disorder. However, have you taken any time to consider the fact that you may not be the only recipient of harm? For instance, do you sleep next to a significant other each night? Perhaps you are very close with your family, spending a lot of your time together and like one another’s company. The more you learn, the more you will realize that your nightly sleep interruptions may be causing a lot of harm to not only yourself but also to those around you.

Your Significant Other

Do you sleep next to a significant other each night? If so, you are probably causing two times the damage. You see, when you wake up gasping for air, the sound will likely wake up the person lying next to you. The result? You will both wake up feeling completely exhausted and suffer similar subsequent effects of fatigue.

Friends and Family

Do you usually spend time with friends and family? Is that time usually enjoyable? Unfortunately, sleep apnea may cause you to suffer from serious mood swings that you cannot control, which can put a damper on your relationships. Seek treatment to protect yourself and others.

Strangers, Too

Perhaps you have developed a short temper, which has become known to a variety of customer service representatives at your local grocery store and bank. Maybe you caught yourself falling asleep while driving, which places the lives of multiple people in danger. Seek treatment for your sleep apnea problem to protect yourself and others.