Cosmetic Dentistry Provides Bright Smiles

You may know enough about dentistry to know that we can help you improve the whiteness and brightness of your smile. However, you may not necessarily know which area of dentistry can come to your rescue or which treatment is best suited to your smile brightening needs. First things first, cosmetic dentistry is the area of dental care that improves esthetic concerns. As for the particular type of smile shade improvement you need, we will speak with you about your particular concerns because all types of discoloration are not alike. In the meantime, gain a clearer understanding of your options for achieving a dazzling smile.

Revealing A Whiter Tooth

Some patients visit us with a single problem. It’s not a discolored smile but just a single discolored tooth or a small stain. If you’re looking for isolated teeth whitening, we can help with dental bonding. By applying layers of liquid composite (synthetic acrylic resin material) to your tooth in the customized shade, we can camouflage the blemish. We will then set and polish the composite, so your tooth looks natural and whiter.

Revealing An Allover Whiter Smile

If you want a whiter smile because you’re dealing with an allover darker or yellow appearance, we will suggest teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry treatment will remove discoloration with the use of bleaching gel. You may visit us for an in-office treatment or you may apply the gel at home on a daily basis for approximately two weeks. The finished product is a brighter smile.

Covering Up Problems For A Bright Grin

If you have some serious, deep discoloration, we may suggest a cosmetic dentistry treatment called porcelain veneers. These are custom-crafted shells made out of super-thin layers of translucent porcelain. We will bond them to your visible tooth surfaces to cover problems, while brightening your smile.