Compelling Reasons To Choose Porcelain Veneers

Choosing to improve the appearance of your smile is a very exciting decision. This choice becomes particularly fantastic when you choose porcelain veneers to achieve a dramatically more refined, beautiful smile. You see, veneers are extremely slim ceramic shells that we bond over the portion of your teeth that shows when you smile. The result? An exceptional opportunity to completely customize the way your smile looks. Wondering what this actually includes? You will find that your ability to make changes is surprisingly comprehensive.

Achieve A Whiter Smile

As the name suggests, porcelain veneers are created out of porcelain, a color-customizable material that offers a natural, translucent, lifelike appearance. The result? We can change and dramatically improve the color of your smile, so you have the sparkling white grin you desire.

Camouflage Minor Esthetic Issues

Because we cover the visible surface of your tooth with the veneer, we can cover up a variety of esthetic concerns. Fortunately, we can accomplish the work of other treatments like bonding and contouring, so we can effectively camouflage the blemishes, chips, and cracks that cause you to feel dissatisfied.

Customize Your Teeth

Did you know that you can actually improve the length of your teeth, their general shape, and even their width? This is another fantastic advantage of veneers. Whether you feel like your smile appears unbalanced or if you have always felt like your teeth fail to complement your facial features, we can make your tooth shape look better.

Improve Mild Misalignment

Some patients are happy to find that they can avoid braces for mild misalignment. This typically includes achieving a more uniform looking smile and filling small spaces between teeth for a lovely finish.