3 Reasons For A Smile Makeover

Have you been thinking about the dramatic changes you would like to make to your smile but you feel hesitant to let us know? Perhaps you’re under the impression that you can only choose one cosmetic treatment and that asking for multiple options is simply going overboard. Nonsense! We offer smile makeovers to help you achieve the significant improvements you desire. By customizing your treatment plan with a variety of cosmetic services (or by choosing veneers) you will soon find yourself showing off a sparkling, exceptional smile.

Reason 1: One Treatment Is Not Enough

For some patients, learning about a single treatment like teeth whitening sheds light on the fact that they would also like to make an additional improvement (or two). Rather than settling for a single change, we encourage you to voice your feelings during your cosmetic consultation. We can then pinpoint the aspects of your smile you dislike and create a smile makeover plan for you.

Reason 2: You Feel Overwhelmed With Imperfections

You have thrown in the towel because you’re overwhelmed. Not only do you want a whiter smile but you also want to improve small chips and cracks, lengthen the appearance of a tooth, and smooth out some rough surfaces. You’re also convinced you may need braces to close the small spaces between your teeth and it’s all too much. Rest easy – we can address all of your concerns and can often even address small spaces between teeth with cosmetic treatments. A smile makeover is just what you need.

Reason 3: You Feel Embarrassed By Your Smile

If you’re embarrassed by your smile’s appearance, it may actually be holding you back in a variety of areas. Improve your motivation to feel good about yourself and to succeed in your life – we can dramatically transform your smile with a smile makeover for a more vibrant, youthful appearance.