Why Do I Need A Filling?

When you receive a diagnosis, do you find yourself more curious about the reason something has gone slightly wrong with your tooth? We are always happy when patients take a comprehensive look at the issue at hand, desiring to learn not only about the restorative treatment itself but also the reason they need it and how to avoid receiving another. If you have been having similar thoughts about why you need a dental filling (as well as associated inquiries), we will be happy to assist you in becoming familiar with the essential information about tooth decay and how to protect your smile.

About Your Cavity

Your cavity is a small hole in your tooth, which will continue to become larger. We also call this “tooth decay” and consider it a progressive oral disease. The problem begins with the bacteria that live within plaque – a highly sticky substance that clings to your teeth every single day. The bacteria within plaque feed in your mouth on sugars and carbohydrates. Their digestive process results in the release of acids that break down your enamel – or the outermost layer of your tooth. Eventually, this breakdown of tissue results in a hole – or a cavity.

Treating The Cavity You Have

Once a cavity has formed, you cannot reverse it. You can, however, allow us to treat it with a dental filling. The good news is that this will clear the tooth decay, stopping the progression of the disease in its tracks and returning your tooth to good health, structural soundness, and beauty. We will remove the decayed tissue and fill the opening. Your tooth and surrounding tissue will be numb during the procedure.

Preventing Future Cavities

Don’t want more cavities or dental fillings? No problem. Now that you understand that plaque is the main culprit in tooth decay, you know it’s important to do your best to consistently remove it from your smile. Our suggestion will always be to brush your teeth two times a day to clean all tooth surfaces. You should also floss to clean between teeth. Then, make sure you schedule an appointment with us once every six months for a dental cleaning.


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