What You Can Expect: Receiving A Dental Crown

Finding out that you need a dental crown to save and protect the health of your tooth might cause you to experience a mix of emotions. First, you may find that you feel quite happy to know you can escape the need for a tooth extraction. After all, crowns provide complete coverage, while restoring the structural integrity of even a severely damaged tooth. What you may not know much about is what to expect from the entire experience. Allow us to fill you in, so you can say goodbye to feelings of hesitation and hello to complete confidence.

A Consultation

We will begin by consulting with you to come to a decision regarding which type of crown will work best for your unique needs. You see, it is important to understand that the teeth in your mouth have a variety of needs. For instance, the visible teeth in the front of your smile will require a crown that looks pleasing, while a tooth located in the back of your smile will require substantial strength for chewing and speaking. You can expect us to explain your options, while we come to a decision.

Gentle Prep Work

We will need to gather up the details regarding your teeth, such as the dimensions and the color of your surrounding teeth. The goal is to provide you with a crown that blends with your smile both esthetically and structurally, so your smile looks lovely and feels balanced. First, we may need to gently remove a tiny bit of your tooth’s tissue to ensure the crown will fit well (don’t worry, this will be comfortable). We will provide the details to a ceramicist who will craft your dental crown.

Final Placement

You will wear a temporary crown while your final crown is in the creation process. Once we receive the finished product, you will visit us for placement. This visit includes final tweaks to make sure the crown fits appropriately – and the permanent bonding of the crown to your tooth.


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