Common Reasons For Dental Extractions

One of the most common words we hear when we suggest a treatment to a patient is, “Why?” This is completely understandable and something we appreciate. It is always good to find out that our patients feel strongly about remaining updated and knowledgeable regarding their dental care. So, if we tell you that you need a dental extraction to protect your smile, we won’t be surprised when the first thing out of your mouth is an inquiry relating to the reason you need a tooth removal. This one is easy to answer – learn more about common reasons for extractions for a clearer understanding of how this solution benefits your smile.

A Tooth Infection

We prefer to treat tooth infections with root canal therapy. However, if the infection is severe or the damage has become too extensive, we may protect your surrounding tissues and your overall health with a dental extraction. Removing the tooth and clearing the infection may protect you from the potential spread of infection throughout your mouth or bloodstream.

Orthodontic Treatment Calls For It

Do you need braces? Particularly when patients are receiving orthodontic care for overcrowding, a dental extraction may become an essential portion of a patient’s personal treatment plan.

Your Wisdom Tooth Is Not Well

Do you have an impacted wisdom tooth? This means that it has not erupted through the bone or gum tissue, which can result in problems like discomfort or infection. Or, you may have a wisdom tooth that is growing in on a poor angle. In either case, you may qualify for a dental extraction, which will protect your smile’s alignment, health, and comfort.

Your Tooth Is Severely Damaged or Decayed

Did you break your tooth? Have you neglected a cavity for quite some time and a filling (or other treatment, such as a crown) is out of the question? If so, the best solution for your entire smile may be the removal of that tooth. A dental extraction will allow you to then move forward with a beautiful tooth replacement.


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