Three Steps to Healthy Smiles

Attempting to take care of your smile, while enjoying consistent results may seem difficult. You may think you’re doing an excellent job only to find out that you need a filling for a cavity. Rather than deal with disappointment, we would like to help you feel empowered. By following three steps, you can rest assured that you are following the guidelines for a healthy smile that are sure to keep you in our chair for preventive dentistry only. Ready to learn more about the best way to approach keeping up your lovely smile? Consider the following:

Schedule Dental Cleanings

First, you need to schedule dental cleanings with us once every six months. During a cleaning, a skilled hygienist will remove plaque from every surface of your teeth with the use of special professional dental instruments. You see, you cannot remove every tiny speck of plaque on your own with brushing and flossing (though home care is extremely important). The plaque removal will be followed up with a professional polishing, so your smile feels and looks refreshed.

Schedule Dental Checkups

You will need to visit us once every six months for a dental checkup, as well – this is typically scheduled during the same time as your preventive dental cleaning. During this visit, we will have the opportunity to monitor your health, while looking for signs of change. For instance, if your gums are inflamed or you’re showing early signs of tooth decay (or other concerns) we can offer immediate treatment to protect your smile from potential damage.

Care For Your Smile At Home

About all of that cleaning. Preventive dentistry focuses on keeping your smile free of plaque, a bacteria-filled substance that adheres to your teeth 24/7 and leads to problems like tooth decay and periodontal disease. As for your home efforts, you will simply need to brush your teeth two times a day, two minutes each time, with a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste. Follow that with a daily flossing and you’re on the right track.


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