Sleep Apnea Appliance Therapy and More

Have you found out that you are suffering from sleep apnea? If this is the problem keeping you from enjoying consistent, restful sleep at night then it’s causing you problems during the daytime, too. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by multiple sleep interruptions at night that occur when your throat muscles and tissues collapse, obstructing your airways. Rather than continuing to deal with poor sleep and the exhaustion and associated side effects that come with it, we encourage you to visit us for oral appliance therapy. You will find that this – and a couple helpful tips – may greatly improve your daily quality of life.

About Oral Appliance Therapy

Have you ever seen an athlete wearing a protective mouth guard? With oral appliance therapy, we will suggest you wear something similar. We refer to this type of sleep apnea treatment as oral appliance therapy because literally all it requires is that you wear an oral device somewhat like a bruxism splint or athletic mouth guard while you sleep at night. Custom-fitted to fit in your mouth comfortably, the appliance will carefully yet effectively shift your lower jaw. The new position will assist with keeping your airways open, so you can rest peacefully without breathing issues.

Other Good Ideas

You’ve got other potential factors going against you if you suffer from sleep apnea. The good news is that other potential concerns are often easy to address. For instance, imagine issues that may make breathing more difficult at night. For instance, do you sleep on your back? If so, training yourself to sleep on your side may make for less pressure against your throat. The same is true for allergy sufferers – treating your allergies and associated inflammation may promote open upper airways rather than contributing to nightly blockage. Easy as that.


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