Don’t Skip Your Root Canal Treatment

There are those events in life that you may skip without serious consequences. Then, there are those events that require great urgency and, without it, may result in significantly negative consequences. Showing up for root canal treatment falls into the latter category. Though you may not feel extremely overjoyed to make an appearance for this restorative treatment, we would like to shed some light on why there’s actually something to feel happy and excited about. First, keep in mind that root canals are actually completely comfortable. We will numb your tooth and surrounding tissue – the only complaint we receive is that it takes a bit longer than a dental filling. As for the other compelling reasons not to skip your appointment, consider the following:

You Don’t Want to Lose Your Tooth

An infected tooth or seriously damaged tooth is at risk of becoming too damaged to remain where it stands. The result? We will need to remove it, leaving you with an open space in your smile. This will lead to additional problems, requiring complex and costly restorative care, such as tooth replacement. By treating a tooth with root canal treatment, we can save the tooth and prevent the need for its removal.

You Don’t Want An Abscess

An infected tooth can become uncomfortable and frustrating. Unfortunately, if you ignore an infection, it will only continue to become worse and worse. The result? Your infection may abscess, which means a pocket of pus will form and the interior portion of your tooth will swell. Two things may then occur: Your tooth will feel extremely uncomfortable. The infection may begin spreading from its isolated location, infecting nearby tissue. You can easily prevent these problems and the discomfort by agreeing to root canal treatment, which removes the source, so you may regain comfort.


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