Dental Implants: Which Part Is Which?

Choosing to replace your teeth with dental implants offers you a wealth of wonderful advantages. First, you are probably already aware that implants are prized for their exceptional stability, particularly when compared with other dental prosthetics like bridges and dentures. This is simply the result of the construction of implants and their supported restorations, as well as the fact that they are surgically implanted into your jawbone. If this is all sounding interesting but these are the specific details that tend to cause some confusion, we invite you to look over the following breakdown of implants and their related parts:

The Dental Implant

The implant is not a prosthetic that replaces your entire tooth – it is simply the post that replaces your roots that are not longer present. A dental implant is a post composed of titanium. We will surgically place (or “implant”) it into your jawbone. This will require significant recovery time of approximately three to four months. The implant will fuse to your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Your gum tissue will also have the chance to heal during this period.

The Abutment

Once you have healed after your surgery, we will prepare your dental implant to support an artificial tooth or prosthetic device. To connect the visible portion of your tooth to your implant, we will use an abutment. This accessory piece will rest within the top of your implant, a portion of it resting just above your gum tissue. We will connect the part of your tooth that you can see when you look into your mouth to your implant with the abutment.

Your Restorations

The term “restoration” is another way to refer to the artificial tooth or teeth that we will place on top of your dental implant. If you are looking to replace a single tooth, then we will restore your implant with a dental crown. However, implants can also support larger devices, such as full or partial dentures for multiple teeth replacement solutions.


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