Dental Bonding Quiz: True or False?

There’s something about minor esthetic imperfections that can become extremely frustrating. You may feel that compared with serious comprehensive cosmetic damage – such as allover yellowing – a single crack or chip is not that big of a deal. On the other hand, you may find yourself cringing and dealing with serious disappointment in the appearance of your smile due to a single stain or a small space between two teeth. Rest assured, we understand your desire to enjoy a completely uniform smile, which is why we offer dental bonding for minor concerns. Think bonding is for you but you would like some questions answered first? Learn more by taking the following quiz:

True-or-False: Dental Bonding Quiz

  1. True or False: Dental bonding offers successful results but it is very difficult to keep your tooth looking good once the cosmetic treatment is complete.
  2. True or False: Dental bonding is expensive but it’s certainly worth the investment.
  3. True or False: Bonding is a wonderful way to reduce your tooth tissue if you feel like you need to sculpt your tooth or to shorten a tooth that’s too long.

Answer Key

  1. False. Though you will quickly receive exceptional results, you don’t need to feel worried about keeping up your treated tooth. Use common sense and treat your tooth the same way you would if you hadn’t received a cosmetic treatment. For instance, brush and floss daily without using abrasive products. Avoid bad habits like chewing on hard objects like ice. Simple.
  2. False. Bonding is often prized for its cost-effectiveness and its extraordinarily budget-friendly cost. Not only will you pay a great deal less for dental bonding than other treatments, like veneers, but bonding will also last several years (up to 10) with proper care.
  3. False. Bonding is a treatment often referred to as “additive.” We will not take tissue away. Instead, we will add a material called composite to areas that require additional tissue, so your smile looks beautiful and uniform. This may include lengthening a tooth, filling spaces, or covering blemishes.


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