Choose Cosmetic Dentistry If…

Just becoming familiar with the benefits of cosmetic dentistry? If so, you have come looking for cosmetic treatments because there’s something about the appearance of your smile that causes you to feel discontent. The fabulous news is that we offer comprehensive solutions to address esthetic problems affecting your grin. Not sure if cosmetic care is right for you? Before you make any sudden decisions, we encourage you to become more familiar with reasons to seek cosmetic services with us. Getting to know more about the details can help you narrow down your goals. Consider the following:

Your Smile Is Discolored

If you’re suffering from yellowing, staining, or general discoloration, we offer cosmetic dentistry to improve this problem. You may choose from teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, depending on the severity of your concern.

You Have Spaces Or Other Misalignment Issues

Are you dealing with tiny spaces between your teeth? Perhaps your smile looks slightly less uniform than you would like. In some case, you can avoid orthodontic care and instead achieve a more aligned, uniform smile, free of gaps by choosing porcelain veneers. Dental bonding is also a wonderful option for filling spaces.

Your Smile Displays Imperfections

Dealing with small cracks, chips, stains, or uneven tooth length? Minor imperfections are a wonderful reason to choose cosmetic dentistry. For the most part, we will address these concerns with veneers or bonding.

You Dislike Your Tooth Shape or Length

Dealing with awkwardly shaped teeth can cause an otherwise lovely smile to clash with your other features. We can customize your tooth shape and length with cosmetic treatments, including veneers and bonding.

You Are Unhappy With All of the Above

Looking for a smile makeover? Allow us to guide you toward the smile you desire with a combination of treatments or the use of porcelain veneers.


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