Can I Whiten Dental Prosthetics?

Are you planning on replacing or repairing teeth with dental prosthetics? Does the visible portion of your smile already contain some prosthetics? For instance, perhaps part of your smile is composed of a dental bridge, where you have replaced missing teeth. Maybe you have a porcelain dental crown or two within your smile. Or, perhaps you are thinking about improving the appearance of some of your teeth with porcelain veneers. Whatever the case, it is important to realize that no, you cannot whiten your porcelain prosthetics. The good news, however, is that you have options for achieving and maintaining the whiter smile you desire. Learn more:

Your Options For A Whiter Smile

  1. Whiten First. If you have not yet visited us for the placement of your prosthetic, we will need to do a little pre-planning. Remember to let us know how you feel about your entire smile, not just one portion at a time. Rather than place a porcelain crown, for instance, only to find out later that you wish for a brighter smile, we can first whiten your teeth. Then, after the teeth whitening is complete on your natural teeth, we will color-match your crown (or other dental prosthetic) to your surrounding smile.
  2. Speak With Us About Replacing Prosthetics. Do you already have porcelain prosthetics and you are feeling unhappy with their appearance? Even though porcelain is quite resilient and wonderful at resisting stains, it is not immune to discoloration. Perhaps you have had a bridge for many years and it has seen better days. In this case, we encourage you to speak with us about replacing your prosthetics to achieve a more beautiful, whiter grin.
  3. Take Good Care Of Your Prosthetics. About that stain resistance regarding porcelain prosthetics: Though they are naturally capable of remaining white for a long period of time, you can help protect their brilliance with optimal care. Fortunately, this is simple to achieve, so your smile continues to look bright. You will simply need to brush your teeth with a toothbrush made of soft bristles and non-abrasive toothpaste. Brush gently to thoroughly clean your prosthetics without causing damage.


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