Month: June 2015

Sleep Apnea Appliance Therapy and More

Have you found out that you are suffering from sleep apnea? If this is the problem keeping you from enjoying consistent, restful sleep at night then it’s causing you problems during the daytime, too. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by multiple sleep interruptions at night that occur when your throat muscles and tissues… Read more »

Bruxism Treatment Solutions

Dealing with bruxism is a complicated, often frustrating issue. First, you may not realize you are suffering from this dental disorder until you visit us. You see, bruxism is a habit that occurs when you grind your teeth together or clench your teeth. You may do this in your sleep or perform the habit without… Read more »

Three Steps to Healthy Smiles

Attempting to take care of your smile, while enjoying consistent results may seem difficult. You may think you’re doing an excellent job only to find out that you need a filling for a cavity. Rather than deal with disappointment, we would like to help you feel empowered. By following three steps, you can rest assured… Read more »

Stars & Stripes Celebration In Southlake

Do you find yourself becoming more excited every day as the 4th of July approaches? Is there something about the smell of grilled food, the sound of laughter, and the promise of dazzling fireworks that puts a smile on your face? If you’re a fan of the goings-on in Southlake, you’ll love this upcoming, family-friendly… Read more »

Minor Misalignment: Should I Improve My Smile?

Have you already had orthodontic treatment but it’s been quite a while and your teeth have since shifted? Perhaps you have never had braces and you continue to hesitate seeking treatment because your misalignment is extremely minor. Before you assume your mild overcrowding or the small spaces between your teeth are too subtle for improvement,… Read more »

Smile Makeover: Your Questions

You know that there’s such a thing as a makeover for your style but did you know that there’s a makeover just for your grin? If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a comprehensive cosmetic improvement, we encourage you to learn more about smile makeovers. This combination treatment option includes care tailored to your… Read more »

Dental Bonding Quiz: True or False?

There’s something about minor esthetic imperfections that can become extremely frustrating. You may feel that compared with serious comprehensive cosmetic damage – such as allover yellowing – a single crack or chip is not that big of a deal. On the other hand, you may find yourself cringing and dealing with serious disappointment in the… Read more »

Caring for Porcelain Veneers: Q&A Session

Your smile with porcelain veneers will look dramatically improved, whether you’re looking to brighten and whiten the look of your teeth, fill small gaps, alter tooth size, or simply achieve a comprehensive smile makeover. While all of these benefits are certainly a wonderful reason to smile your beautiful smile, you may find yourself feeling unsure… Read more »

Summer Friday Flix

Is there something about the long, lazy days of summer that make the idea of a matinee movie sound luxurious and wonderful? If so, you will truly enjoy the summer “Friday Flix” program happening in Southlake this summer. Gather your little ones up and get ready for this weekly companion to the Southlake Summer Reading… Read more »

Candidacy for Teeth Whitening

Seeking teeth whitening for a brighter smile is always your best first move. Some patients may find that whitening offers them an incredible solution for lifting what may include years’ worth of discoloration. However, other patients may find that whitening is not strong enough or comprehensive enough for them to attain the uniform, gleaming smiles… Read more »