Tooth Extractions: The Basics

Nobody feels very happy to find out they require a tooth extraction to protect oral health. However, when you learn more about the benefits of extractions and what to expect, you may find yourself becoming surprisingly content and confident about your upcoming visit. This is often the case when we provide greater details to our patients who need a tooth removed. Keep in mind that we only suggest an extraction as a very last resort after trying or considering restorative treatments. Ready to learn more about how removing your tooth can actually guide you toward wonderful oral heath and a lovely smile? Read further:

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

An extraction is simply the removal of your tooth. Through a straightforward surgical procedure, we may remove your tooth to protect your oral health. You may wonder how taking away your tooth is considered protection. Here’s the story: A tooth that becomes severely damaged or infected beyond the scope of restorative treatments like root canal therapy or crowns is a danger to itself and to surrounding teeth. We will safeguard your oral health by removing the tooth, which is the source of a potentially growing problem. For instance, an infected tooth may spread infection to surrounding tissue. Remove the tooth and you remove the problem.

What Happens Afterwards?

Don’t feel too concerned – we do not want to leave you with an open space in your smile. As a matter of fact, we feel quite strongly about teeth replacement options because leaving an opening in your smile may result in negative side effects, such as misalignment or difficult dental hygiene. Rest assured, we will create a care plan that guides you from removal all the way through to the restoration of your smile. We offer a variety of solutions, including bridges and implants.


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