Test Your Knowledge About Bruxism

Bruxism is a concern that may be having a significant impact on your daily life. Aside from the frustrating side effects, you may not even realize this disorder is slowly taking control of your oral comfort and health. In fact, when neglected for quite some time, bruxism may cause all sorts of problems, including issues with your jaw comfort and health. The good news is that we offer bruxism treatment to get you back on track, so your smile looks and feels wonderful. Wondering how much you do or do not know about bruxism and whether treatment may benefit your smile? Learn more with the following quiz:

True or False Quiz: About Bruxism

  1. True or False: Bruxism is something that you do intentionally. All you need to do is focus on avoiding grinding your teeth or clenching them together and you will be cured.
  2. True or False: Bruxism is a problem that can lead to more significant concerns, such as TMJ disorder.
  3. True or False: We offer oral appliance therapy, which is a noninvasive way to keep your teeth from suffering from grinding or clenching.

Bruxism Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. Many people do not even realize they are grinding their teeth during the day. Or, they perform the habit at night while they sleep. Because the habit is typically unconscious – meaning you don’t know you’re doing it – you will have trouble healing it yourself. Fortunately, we offer bruxism treatment that will prevent you from bruxing.
  2. True. Bruxism places a lot of pressure on your teeth. Your teeth and jaws are extremely powerful, so the daily grinding and clenching can irritate your jaw joints (also called your TMJs or temporomandibular joints). Fortunately, bruxism treatment will alleviate this stress and strain to protect your TMJs.
  3. True. You will wear a mouth guard called an oral splint. It will cushion your bite, preventing contact between the teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth. You can expect daily relief and long-term protection against damage.


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