Step By Step: Root Canal Treatment

If you visit us for a very uncomfortable tooth, you probably have mixed feelings when we suggest a root canal treatment to rescue your tooth. You may have a long list of reasons to hesitate to feel great about treatment, most of which are founded in assumptions and hearsay rather than fact. The good news is that you’re getting the information directly from us – dental professionals. We are happy to reassure you that root canals are not only comfortable but they also provide you with a means of saving your tooth, so you do not need to deal with an extraction. To offer you even greater relief, we have gathered up the step-by-step process for you to take a look at so you feel relaxed and informed regarding your upcoming appointment:

We Will Examine Your Smile

The first step in providing you with a root canal is examining your smile. We will take a look at your teeth with the help of advanced imaging. By taking digital X-rays of your tooth we can get a much clearer idea of what’s happening beneath the surface, so we know that root canal treatment is essential as well as how to plan.

We Will Numb Your Tissues

Yes, of course! We will numb your tooth and the surrounding tissues, so you can enjoy a comfortable procedure. The last thing we want is for you to feel any more uncomfortable. Remember that your comfort is one of our top priorities.

We Will Create An Access Point

We will need to create a small opening in your tooth, through which we can access the interior portion of that tooth. Remember – your tooth will be completely numb, so you won’t be able to feel these steps.

We Will Remove Dental Pulp

Your dental pulp lines your tooth and houses the nerves and blood vessels that keep your alive, healthy, and able to register sensations. Once the pulp becomes damaged – including infection – we will need to remove it, so you do not need an extraction. We will take the tissues out of your tooth to protect it.

We Will Clean Out Your Tooth

Once the pulp is removed, we will make sure the interior portion of your tooth is completely cleaned out, free of debris, and prepped to be sealed.

We Will Seal And Fill Your Tooth

We do not want bacteria to re-enter your tooth. We will seal your root with gutta percha, a rubber-like substance. We will then fill your tooth with composite to restore its inner structure.

We Will Cover Your Tooth

Rest assured, your remaining tooth will not remain standing in poor condition. We will protect it by placing a beautiful dental crown, so you can enjoy a lovely smile that functions as wonderfully as it looks.


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