Is It Time For A Dental Filling?

Not quite sure why we have suggested a dental filling to repair your tooth? Perhaps you assume if your tooth feels perfectly comfortable, you are not in need of restorative care. Or, maybe you are receptive to the idea of receiving a filling but you would simply like to know more about why we have suggested this treatment and why we may recommend it again in the future. Before you make any assumptions, recognize that we practice conservative dentistry. This means we only suggest restorative care when absolutely necessary – and we do our best to help you preserve as much of your natural tooth tissue as possible. Ready to learn more? Consider the following information:

What’s A Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a restorative treatment. It includes two-part procedure to repair a tooth that has suffered the effects of tooth decay. First, we will numb your tooth and carefully yet thoroughly remove the decayed tissue from within your cavity. Once we are sure the decay is gone and all debris has been removed, we will prep the opening and then fill it to restore your tooth’s structure.

What Do You Fill My Tooth With?

Some dentists use a variety of materials, such as metal. We only use composite resin. This is a synthetic, moldable substance that we can match in shade to the color of your surrounding tooth. This means that once we have filled the opening in your tooth with the color-matched composite, your tooth will look like it never experienced decay.

Why Do I Need A Filling?

You need a dental filling if you are suffering from tooth decay. This means that plaque has softened your tooth tissue until it caved in, forming a small hole called a cavity. This problem is progressive, so it will only get worse until you decide to treat it. Choosing a filling will eliminate associated discomfort, will stop the problem from advancing, and may even prevent the need for a root canal or dental crown in the future.


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