How Much Do You Know About Dental Bridges?

We know that missing one or a few teeth in your smile can result in devastating side effects. You, too, are probably well aware of how difficult it can be to enjoy your day when you have an opening in your smile. Fortunately, we offer dental bridges to fill spaces for a beautiful finish and a smile that functions like it used to. Rather than assuming a bridge isn’t right for you – or that it is the perfect option – we encourage you to first learn more about this dental prosthetic. Keep in mind that if it’s a great match, we will move forward with treatment. However, if it’s not so perfect, we will provide you with alternative prosthetic solutions to replace your missing teeth. In the meantime, look over the following quiz to find out how much you really know about bridges:

Dental Bridges: True or False?

  1. True or False: A bridge can replace any number of missing teeth in any configuration of tooth loss.
  2. True or False: A bridge is a fixed prosthetic. This means we will cement it in place, so it will not come out of your mouth during the day like a denture.
  3. True or False: We use metal artificial teeth to complete your smile with a bridge.

Bridge Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. A dental bridge addresses a specific amount and pattern of missing teeth. This is not true for all prosthetics. Bridges replace either one tooth or a series of up to three missing teeth. If your missing teeth are separated by remaining natural teeth, you may be better suited to a treatment like a partial.
  2. True. A bridge is fixed. A bridge is a series of connected artificial teeth. Either end of the bridge includes one dental crown, which we will cement over the teeth lying on either side of the open space in your mouth.
  3. False. We use either E Max porcelain or Zirconia to compose the end crowns and the pontics (artificial teeth that fill in your open space) to make your bridge. These lifelike materials will be color-matched to your surrounding smile for a beautiful finish that looks natural and seamless.


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