Dental Fillings: What to Expect

Patients are never too thrilled to discover that they are suffering from tooth decay. However, if you are dealing with a cavity you will be happy to know we can quickly repair the damage and protect your tooth with a dental filling. You may have heard a variety of stories from friends and family when it comes to fillings. What you have heard in the past, the great news is that fillings are comfortable, efficient, and extremely effective. To learn more about what you can expect, so you feel empowered about taking care of your smile and your upcoming appointment, read over the following information:

We Always Create Comfort

Before your dental filling begins, we will numb your tooth and the nearby tissue, so you can expect a comfortable treatment. In addition, we offer sedation dentistry options for patients who feel particularly anxious about dental care or patients who require accommodations for other concerns. We encourage you to speak with us about options like nitrous oxide, so we can make sure you feel completely relaxed during every one of your visits.

We Will Clean Away Decay

There is a hole in your tooth that has evolved as the result of tooth decay. When left alone, this hole – called a cavity – will progress and become worse. During your dental filling, we will remove the decayed tissue from within the opening and smooth the interior of this open space. You can rest assured that the removal of the decay will stop your cavity from becoming worse.

We Will Fill Your Tooth

Once the cavity is cleaned out and prepped, we will fill the opening in your tooth with composite, a synthetic resin material that we can match to the shade of your tooth. You will enjoy the full repair of your tooth’s structure and a finished product that blends seamlessly with your surrounding smile.


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