Dental Crown Benefits

When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and in one piece, sudden traumas or long-standing dental issues may result in damaged tissue. The not-so-great news is that a wide variety of issues may affect the structural stability and integrity of your teeth, which can make for an unsightly smile and difficulty with daily function, such as comfortable chewing. The great news is that we offer dental crowns to repair and protect damaged teeth. Wondering about what types of benefits you can expect from crowns? You can learn more with the following information:

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

  1. You Can Save A Damaged Tooth. Did you break your tooth by biting down on something hard? Perhaps tooth decay has damaged your tooth beyond what we can accomplish and treat with a dental filling alone. Fortunately, a dental crown is a hollow artificial tooth that we can place over a treated tooth to restore its structure.
  1. You May Protect A Weak Tooth. Is your tooth quite weak? Perhaps you’re dealing with a large cavity or filling that has left you with thin tooth walls or some other dental concern is causing you a problem. We will cover and protect your tooth with a crown, so you can avoid an extraction and prevent the accidental breakage of your tooth.
  1. Improve A Cosmetically Damaged Tooth. Sometimes, patients suffering from cosmetic concerns that surpass the capacity of serious cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers. If your tooth requires comprehensive improvement, we may place a porcelain crown for a dramatically more beautiful tooth that functions up to its full potential.
  1. Protect Your Tooth After Root Canal Therapy. Did you just undergo root canal therapy? In most cases, we will place a dental crown over your remaining tooth to restore structure, beauty, and to protect your tooth from future infection as the result of entering bacteria.


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