About Sleep Apnea Treatment

Suffering from nightly sleep loss is something that can cause you a great deal of frustration during your waking life. What’s more frustrating is when you feel like you haven’t slept but you don’t remember waking up during the night or having trouble sleeping. If this is an experience that you can relate to, we encourage you to visit us to learn more about sleep apnea treatment. If you are suffering from the sleep disorder called sleep apnea, treatment may quickly improve your life, allowing you to enjoy restful sleep and a comfortable quality of life.

What It Is

Sleep apnea is disorder that occurs when your throat muscles do not remain active while you sleep. This is the opposite of what occurs in a person who is not suffering from the sleep disorder. In patients who suffer from chronic snoring, the muscles partially relax, which allows throat muscles to touch one another. This causes a vibration, which we know as the noise we call, “snoring.”

However, if your throat muscles completely give way, this will cause your throat tissues to collapse, resulting in a temporary closing off of your airways. Your brain will recognize its lack of oxygen, which will cause you to wake briefly enough to take in more air. You will then fall asleep again. You will also likely forget this waking event in the morning – even if it happens hundreds of times during the night, which is quite common.

Why You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment

A lack of nightly sleep may result in a slew of problematic side effects, both short- and long-term in nature. By receiving treatment, you can protect yourself against problems like daily exhaustion and moodiness. You will also protect your overall health from complications of this disorder, which may include cardiac issues and high blood pressure.


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