Why Did I Get A Cavity?

Nobody likes to receive the news that they have developed a cavity. This can feel particularly frustrating when you feel you have been taking excellent care of your teeth but tooth decay has occurred anyway. Or, perhaps your teeth feel just fine so you weren’t worried at all and your cavity was a surprise. Fortunately, when a cavity develops, we can remove decay and repair your tooth with a dental filling. However, to greatly increase your ability to avoid the need for fillings in the future, we encourage you to consider the following explanation for why you got a cavity (and how to avoid more):

Here’s What Happens

Your cavity is a hole in your tooth. In most cases, the cavity formed as the result of plaque, a sticky substance that adheres to your teeth every single day. Plaque is filled with bacteria. These bacteria feed on the carbohydrates in your mouth and release acids as they digest. Unfortunately, the spot on your tooth where the bacteria reside is the same spot where those acids will continually weaken your tooth’s outermost tissue layer called enamel. Eventually, it will weaken to the point of collapse. This sunken in area is your cavity. It will begin small and will continue to grow and grow until you visit us for a dental filling, which will stop and remove the decay and repair your tooth.

Here’s What You May Have Done Wrong

The plaque on your tooth is removable. Some patients are simply more prone to cavities and in some cases, plaque can be extremely difficult to remove. However, consider the following common missteps that lead to cavities:

  • You Don’t Brush Correctly: Brushing correctly doesn’t just mean running a toothbrush over your smile a couple times a day. It means using a soft-bristle toothbrush two times a day for at least two minutes each time, sweeping away food particles and plaque. You will need to brush every surface of each tooth.
  • You Don’t Floss: Start flossing. You may be surprised to find out how much debris and plaque you remove from between your teeth for greatly improved oral hygiene.
  • You Don’t Schedule Six-Month Cleanings: About that hard-to-remove plaque that you cannot necessarily address at home with brushing and flossing – that’s where we come in. We use professional instruments and techniques to thoroughly remove every trace of plaque from your teeth, so you can rest assured your smile is truly clean.


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